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Hotel Villa Three Sisters offers to its customers two swimming pools together with a covered whirlpool. The first swimming pool is Olympic type, ideal for those who are fond of swimming and for the unforgettable parties organized in the hottest evenings of the summer. The second indoor swimming pool is used for chromotherapy.
It is also available to guests a Jacuzzi twelve places outside in the shade of a magnificent tropical corner where you can enjoy a relaxing cocktail. Complete the structure a wonderful Turkish bath. The pools are mineral to different temperature depending on the season.

Thermal water is pumped from its own thermal well at a depth of about 100 mt with a water temperature of about 98 °C degrees.




Hotel Villa Tre Sorelle Via Provinciale Panza - Succhivo, 47, 80070 Sant'Angelo d'Ischia NA Telefono: + 39 081 909062 Rec.Inv +39 081 997384